Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've secretly kind of always wanted a blog , so here it goes ! I just finished watching Julie&Julia wif Mommy. I'm way to sick and tired to go out. Today i woke up @ 7:50 to go to swim practice. I had to be in the pool by 8 and it is normally a 15 minute car ride...before I could even complain about how early it was we already were at Monmouth College. I jumped in the pool and swam for about an hour and a half. I got out of the pool got changed and went to the diner with my mom. On the car ride home she confronted me about some of my text messages she has 'accidently come across,' which were SO not okay for her to read. It was possibly one of the most awkward conversations i have ever had. But anyways i came home at about 1030 and fell asleep until 5 o'lock. Ridiculous, i know, i think i'm still recovering from my new years eve which was bizzarrr. I went to some random kids house in Oakhurst. It was in fact a very sucessful night. I went with my friends Chelsea, Kristin, Chelsea, Kathleen, and Marlana, who i've met all through mutual friends. At the end of the night Kristin and I made our way back to our house still drunk and reminsed about our insane new years all the next day. Maybe this night could explain why i feel like complete shit tonight and why im not going to even attempt going out. Oh yes ! and last night was so much fun also. Went to my childhood best friends house Dillon. Played some beer pong in the basement with my oldest brothers friends Colin and Tyler. They won of course against me and my other brother Tim. It was a good time. Life is going a lot better than it was, so im just gunna embrace it.

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